Beauty and Wellness
V-Unite Virtual Event Experiences

Deepen beauty and wellness services with V-Unite Virtual Clinics

Give your customers convenient access to online clinics with enhanced consultations for their beauty care and wellness needs.

Transformative solutions for your client services needs

Maximize your full-service capabilities for skin care, beauty care, as well as personal fitness training and wellness.

Security and Branding

Apply an optional password protected entry for access to services in your virtual clinic. Create a custom designed experience from unique photography or modify virtual room templates to fully reflect your organization's branding.

Information Hubs

Launch your own virtual education events to host live, hybrid or pre-recorded presentations for your customers throughout the year.

Schedule Virtual Appointments

Set up scheduled one-to-one virtual skin consultations or online personal training sessions. Launch an interactive chatbot where your team can answer customer enquiries in real-time.

Benefits of Beauty & Wellness Virtual Clinics

Engage clients who are interested in booking individualized virtual clinic services

V-Unite provides a fully functional virtual clinic that can be added on to your website to create an interactive feel for your clients.
Augment the customer service experience with a live chat portal where clients can shop, make appointments and even chat with the doctors and nurses.
Customize virtual waiting areas and treatment rooms with educational videos and before and after photos to educate, engage and gain conversions for future appointments and product purchases.

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