Client: Aesthetic Solutions
Category: Virtual Clinic Event
Date: October 28th and 29th 2021

We believe engaged patients make better decisions and are more likely to be satisfied with their treatment.   We host educational events and festivities throughout the year, where attendees can enjoy the benefit of loyalty programs and other specials and raise money for non-profit organizations 


  • 2 Day Clinic Educational and Promotional Event
  • Treatment rooms hosting dedicated content and pre recorded presentations
  • Up to 800 attendees
  • Request Consultation
  • Raffle
  • Online Skincare Shop

2021 was our 8th Annual Sparkle Party and the second year we have been unable to host this event in person.  2020 was our first virtual event and lasted 4 day using an alternative virtual environment.

This year we were recommended the V-Unite software and the event ran for only 2 days however we had far less calls and burden on staff this year than the year prior.

We had  a great project manager who was ready and willing to help build out our virtual clinic  and event using actual imagery of our clinic . The virtual clinic was visually appealing and easy to navigate.

We were able to give attendees educational content in our dedicated treatment rooms showcasing the latest innovations in our cosmetic services, access special event discounts through our online skincare shop, request consultations and purchase our special sparkle passes which raises money for non-profit organizations


We had 1357 unique visitors over the 2 days over the two days and 708 Raffle entries

From the 2020 sparkle party to this one…

  • 59.17% increase in retail sales
  • 44.32% increase in Sparkle Pass sales
Client Feedback
The platform was easy to use for both staff and patients. Patients enjoyed having something that varied from the typical webinar-based open house! We saw an increase in retail sales and had an abundance of positive patient feedback.

Sue Ellen Cox, MD


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