Client: ICW Group
Category: Virtual Event, Insurance
Date: October 4, 2022

ICW Group is a leading national insurance carrier offering workers' compensation and earthquake insurance, as well as automobile coverage for individuals with a mission to create the best insurance experience possible for our policyholder customers.


Every year, on the first Tuesday of October, companies across the globe celebrate Customer Experience (CX) Day—a special time to observe and acknowledge the importance of the customer journey.

This year, we want to celebrate with a virtual trade show set to the backdrop of the open road. Themed “CX: A Journey Driven by Customers,” To make the journey especially exciting, we wanted to create a 3D virtual environment designed to mimic the historic Route 66 highway.

  • 1 Day Event
  • 71314 users
  • Exhibition Hall - 7 Exhibitors
  • 73 live presentations
  • Gamification

We wanted to make the journey through the event especially exciting for attendees, so we created a 3D virtual environment designed to mimic the historic Route 66 highway. Exhibitor booths were created as food trucks, attendees could visit different pit stops from the drive-in movie auditorium, to roadside diners and fill up at the fuel pumps. The whole event was focused on connection, engagement and education.

Key features

  • Leaderboard. Win miles! The company enhances user engagement by giving them a chance to earn additional miles for every activity done within the experience. May it be logging in, updating their profile, adding a profile picture, writing their bio, visiting rooms, downloading files, watching a presentation, or clicking on the posters to win prizes.
  • Auditorium. 73 live presentations throughout the day. Access for 30 days post event where 23 on-demand presentations are available 24 hours a day for attendees to watch at their own leisure.
  • Poster Room. Showcases different flyers or brochures with downloadable files.
  • Social Wall. Anyone who shares their virtual experience with the ICW group gets to be featured in the social cafe. This has been possible through an integration of the V-unite platform with ICW group’s social media account. This allowed the users to share selfies and engage with fellow attendees.

Attendees were able to drop by the exhibit hall to visit interactive Food Truck-themed trade show booths with FAQs, flyers, check lists, and how-to guides on relevant topics.

Our live webinars introduced attendees to some of our new services and products. Our goal was for attendees to walk away from the CX Day feeling informed and inspired to grow their business.

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