Client: ICW Group
Category: Virtual Sales & Marketing Office
Date: Ongoing

An interactive showroom allowing automation of the sales and marketing processes.


A single platform that streamlined workflows and prevented sales representatives from becoming overwhelmed in using several systems.

ICW were able to standardise messaging around their products. Quickly onboard new business development underwriters with the tools to present to prospective advisors and brokers.

Reduced their business risk by having the right information at the right time in one location with the ability to share first step qualification information in a new and exciting way.

V-Unite allowed automation of the sales process with calendar and CRM integration, and the ability to story tell their products in an interactive way through virtual themed spaces.

Advisors were able to understand the products in a more informative and engaging way resulting in less questions and administration.

Each business development underwriter had an opportunity to personalise their own office space with family photos and fun fact that reflected their values and personality.

ICW tried their virtual sales and marketing office with one branch. ICW is now launching this initiative across all branches nationwide in the US.


The automated part of the qualification process enabled the underwriters to spend 28% less time with customers during their initial sales calls.

Business development underwriters achieved faster rapport with advisors prior to their 1-1 meetings.

  • 2 x the Reach
  • 80% faster response time
  • 3 x leads
Client Feedback
The best news is that after sending the Virtual Outreach to all of Ambers’ current agency contacts, Amber received 3 new submissions last week from agents who have never sent her anything but got her email with the link and wanted to run a submission by her. Amber received 4 phone calls from agents who were interested in learning more about the services featured in our Virtual office. Amber’s email was also forwarded to various people within her agencies, and she heard back from the National Director of the Hub Transportation Division to set up a marketing call for all their Texas transportation specific producers to learn more about ICW’s transportation appetite. Amber believes her Virtual Office outreach has stirred up activity and interest because it allows her agents to share and forward to other parties who may indirectly have work comp opportunities that they never thought about pursuing until they saw our interview and found it engaging enough to respond. Not many people have a virtual office so the feedback she has heard from her agents has been very positive and they liked how we showcased the various client service offerings and wanted to learn more. This is an example of how this new and exciting way of delivering content takes a life of its own. Amber received unsolicited requests for sales because the V-Unite platform is the most engaging platform available today.

Gina Douglas AU, APA, AIC, AIM,AINS

Branch Manager / Work.Comp

ICW Group Insurance Companies

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