Client: Philippine Association of Primary Skin Health Physicians, Inc (PAPSHPI)
Category: Graduation & Induction Ceremony, Scientific Meetings, Conference & Exhibition, Conferment Ceremony
Date: May 25th 2021, July 7th & 21st 2021 and 18th August 2021, October 15th 2021, October 16th 2021

The Philippine Association of Primary Skin Health Physicians, Inc. (PAPSHPI) is an affiliate society of the Philippine Medical Association. Established in 2003, it has evolved from 17 to around 350 members consisting of trained, board-certified and competent skin health physicians. 


Medical Skin Health Training Foundation Inc (MSHTFI) Commencement Exercises (May 25th 2021)

  • 56 Attendees
  • Live zoom meeting
  • Call to action banners

PAPSHPI Scientific Meeting & Marketplace (July 7th & 21st 2021 and 18th August 2021)

  • 328 Attendees
  • Exhibition Hall for 17 exhibitors
  • 3 Live zoom scientific meetings 
  • Chat room

17th Annual Convention: The Skin Health Summit 2021 (October 15th 2021)

  • 339 Attendees
  • Exhibition Hall for 22 exhibitors
  • 27 presentations with a mix of simulive and live
  • Gamification

MSHTFI 20th Anniversary & PAPSHPI Fellowship Celebration (October 16th 2021)

  • 206 attendees
  • 1 live session
  • Virtual Photobooth

2021 has seen PAPSHPI and MSHTFI run four (4) virtual events for its members and faculty. 

We created these meetings with a mix of both LIVE stream and pre-recorded videos, some with the added benefit of an Exhibition Hall for attendees to interact with sales representatives and educate themselves on the latest technology and products.

The Gamification has always proved a highlight with attendees getting very competitive. For our final event of the year we integrated a virtual photo booth to make it feel more of a celebration.


A very successful 2021. Being able to convert our in person meetings into a virtual environment has meant we can still connect, educate and network with our faculty and members during a time when meeting face to face has been impossible. Being able to still engage with our members on a regular basis throughout the year has proved invaluable. 

Client Feedback
We love the self service platform, the flexibility of the software and the ability we have to create many events throughout the year. We always have the support of the V-Unite team should we have any questions. Being able to theme our events from a library of room templates adds a fun element for attendees.
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