V-Unite Virtual Event Experiences

Create unique, memorable virtual experiences for clients

Strengthen the value of clients' physical events by extending their reach and business opportunities with virtual and hybrid events.

Create flexible solutions to meet your clients' needs

Strengthen clients' opportunities to increase revenue, drive engagement, and access global reach.

Create Virtual Events

Setup a virtual experience platform for your own company to host unlimited virtual events and experiences for clients.
Easily setup, manage and host your clients’ events within one user friendly environment.

License Online Events

License and white label virtual events for each client by creating virtual spaces that fully reflect your clients' branding. Create virtual rooms and spaces with templates or use unique photography to create bespoke visuals.

Coordinate Event Content

Schedule live, hybrid and on-demand presentations within online auditoriums, and private meeting rooms. Stream live conferences and events directly into the platform, utilizing popular video streaming and webinar application integrations.

Benefits of Benefits for Event Organizers and Planners

Augment your event planning services.

Streamline your services with an easy to use and secure cloud-based platform to host hybrid and virtual events alongside your current business.
Setup exhibition halls, marketplaces, and showrooms to showcase sponsors products and services.
Amplify networking opportunities via text, audio, and video chat. Schedule virtual meetings with integrated tools for appointments. Create customer experience value with gamification to drive engagement and participation.

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