Higher Education
V-Unite Virtual Event Experiences

​Accessible and engaging experiences for Higher Education

Make it easier for prospective students to discover everything your university has to offer and put them on the right path to reach their career goals.

Virtual Education with V-Unite

V-Unite offers engaging and innovative ways to communicate and educate with your students. Access engaging and innovative ways to communicate with and educate your students.

Virtual Open

We work with universities to help build interactive virtual education fairs.
Structure live and on-demand presentations for students to learn more about the university facilities or career opportunities.

Expand with Virtual Education

Harness the flexibility of virtual education with customized classrooms and lecture halls online. Schedule live and semi-live lectures. Add value with on-demand lectures and downloadable course material.

Unique Virtual Career Fairs

Host virtual career fairs to connect graduates with potential employers. Create unique opportunities for companies and graduates to connect and interact from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of the ​Virtual Education Experiences

Inspire meaningful customer relations online​

Set up easy to use virtual environments and landscapes that are fully branded and designed to meet your university's educational needs and goals. Conveniently host and manage multiple engagement events and learning experiences across the year.
Create a true online extension of your university or educational institution. Choose from our animated design templates or integrate your real life photography into your virtual space.
Streamline available office hours with efficient access to online meeting rooms for individualized tutoring. Create designated virtual spaces to facilitate student meetings and group projects.

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