V-Unite Virtual Event Experiences

All in ONE solution

V-Hubs is an interactive way for your organization to drive seamless engagement, education and connection between your members and partners from ONE platform.  If you are a member organization or association that wants to reduce administration and automate the experience so you can spend more time on delivering quality education and networking then V-Unite is the perfect solution.

V-Hubs Product Features

A multi-functional solution, where organizations can utilize ONE platform across their leadership, marketing, events and training departments.

More Than Just A Webinar

Design a branded virtual presentation room and link your LIVE meeting software.  Allow your listeners to take immediate action during or after a webinar with ‘call to action’ buttons displayed around the room to triple your conversion.  Store your archived webinars in interactive rooms and measure increased engagement throughout the year.

Onboarding Made Easy

Setup all of your welcome packs, marketing and training materials in one interactive space.   Automate the process and allow new employees, members or students to engage in their own time and provide support throughout the process with mentoring. 

Interactive Training Hub

A new way for people to learn, interact and provide feedback in a fun and informative way.  Creating virtual spaces that promote engagement, educational outcomes and rewards for excellence.

Benefits of the Virtual Hub

All your resources in ONE interactive portal that drives customer engagement and performance outcomes.
Save significant time in administration by automating your marketing, training and onboarding experience.
Increase revenue opportunities by creating sponsored rooms and marketplaces to support partners.

Make your life easier by integrating your current software such as CRM’s, marketing and learning management systems to your MetaHub to create a seamless experience for all stakeholders.
Take full advantage of the flexibility of ​hosting events online and innovate your blueprint to engagement success.
Virtual Product Launch
Marketing and Sales Events
Online Training
Expos and Trade Shows
Corporate Communications
Virtual Meetings
Live and Hybrid Events
Thought Leadership Webinars

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