V-Unite Virtual Event Experiences

Improve your customer journey with the Virtual Retail Suite

Set up interactive personal shopping and direct marketing experiences online and create unique opportunities to better connect with customers and clients.

​Virtual Training Suite Product Features

Expand the value of your retail services

Customer Journey

Design and develop your own virtual retail store and customer journey experience. Make your retail spaces easily recognizable to your customers by using your own imagery and branding. Create an immersive experience with videos and photography that take your customers on a journey around your virtual store.

Presentation Hubs

Set up permanent virtual meeting rooms and spaces to showcase products to your customers, and host live and pre-recorded retail clinics and content on an ongoing basis.

Personal Shopper

Create convenient and secure access for customers to schedule appointments and consult with personal shoppers.
Design your retail experience with virtual rooms that showcase your products and merchandise that customers can interact with.

Benefits of the
Virtual Retail Suite

Activate effective opportunities to increase customer engagement online​

Maximize lead generation and revenue opportunities with on-demand access to educational and promotional events online.
Set up virtual rooms to display merchandizing. Upload videos, images, catalogues, vendor brochures to provide customers with everything they need to make more informed decisions.
Connect to your virtual retail space to your e-commerce store. Provide access to a chatbox to optimize real-time Q&As.
Host a live auction or fashion catwalk show. Facilitate networking between your buyers and brands for discussions on new products and trends.
Take full advantage of the flexibility of ​hosting events online and innovate your blueprint to engagement success.
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Marketing and Sales Events
Online Training
Expos and Trade Shows
Corporate Communications
Virtual Meetings
Live and Hybrid Events
Thought Leadership Webinars

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