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Virtual yoga class on the beach

Top Rules of Etiquette for Attendees at Virtual Events

As virtual events take center stage with hosting conferences and meetings, gone are the days of showing up feeling lost and confused about what to wear and how to act when you’re online. Believe it or not, there is a certain etiquette that comes with attending a virtual event and that’s only because of how […]

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Virtual Exhibition Hall - GVAS

Top Reasons to Exhibit at a Virtual Trade Show

The virtual world is here to stay. While in-person events are slowly starting back up, event planners and businesses have seen the value and revenue potential that comes with virtual events – making them a hot commodity in the event space. Hybrid events have currently become the popular choice for hosting events because of the […]

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Virtual Resort Entrance

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting a Virtual Event

There are so many things to consider when planning a virtual event. From designing the platform to putting together the content and engagement opportunities to ensuring you are set up for success, hosting a virtual event comes with a lot of responsibility and strategic planning before launch. As you focus on how you will make […]

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Networking Lounge - ASDS

Tips for Successful Networking During a Virtual Event

As most conferences and events have moved online and are probably going to be hybrid even as we can get back to meeting in person again, networking can get a little tricky when you’re trying to engage and interact with event attendees through a screen. Networking is one of the main reasons we go to […]

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Benefits of Hosting a Hybrid Event: 7 Advantages You Need to Know About!

Hybrid events have almost become a norm for businesses that host events and conferences. If the goal of your event is to create awareness and reach a wide audience – hybrid events can do just that and go above and beyond your target reach. If you’re still trying to convince yourself why hosting a hybrid […]

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GVAS virtual conference with space theme and audience

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Hybrid Events in 2021

Meet the ‘new norm’ of networking – Hybrid Events. Last year we were wowed by the possibilities and reach of virtual events and experiences. The fact that so many individuals were able to attend events globally through their screens continued to keep connections and conferences alive among lockdown and social distancing rules. While in-person events […]

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Virtual merchandising room for shopping

Virtual Shopping: Top Features and Benefits

Why stop at virtual events when there is a whole plethora of virtual experiences waiting for us to implement as a business or enjoy as a customer? With more businesses realizing the potential of having a virtual business, virtual retail is picking up its eCommerce game and giving users a shopping experience that includes more […]

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8 Secrets of Leading a Successful Virtual Meeting

Managing virtual meetings and think tank conferences doesn’t have to be frustrating. While we acknowledge that getting a large group together online and somehow keeping their attention throughout the event can be a little tricky, there are ways to overcome this obstacle and manage virtual meetings to deliver success.  Top Secrets to Lead Effective Virtual […]

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Virtual awards show with a stage and tables

10 Effective Ideas to Improve Audience Engagement During a Virtual Event

We can’t deny the fact that virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. Once you have planned your agenda and theme of your virtual event, the next big question to ask is how you are going to keep your audience engaged throughout the experience. After all, your audience will probably be attending the event […]

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Woman in a virtual office

V-Unite Is Named One of the Best Virtual Platforms of 2021

According to Capterra, the leading online resource for business software buyers, V-Unite is one of the best virtual event platforms of 2021! If you’re ready to host your next virtual event, look no further than V-Unite. We have the perfect software for you to design your own branded corporate events, trade shows and even think […]

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Virtual Events 101

What is a virtual event? Before you ask the question “How can I create a virtual event?” you may want to understand what a virtual event really is. Over the past year we are no longer strangers to the term “virtual”, with so many businesses having to shift to remote work and hosting virtual meetings […]

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Man doing research on a laptop

Here’s How You Can Make Money Hosting Your Next Virtual Event

Here’s a fun fact – virtual events CAN drive revenue. With the rise of virtual events bringing people together nowadays, various virtual experiences, trade shows, conferences, meetings and even training sessions have proven to be the best way to educate, connect and provide networking opportunities for clients and employees. If you’re a company that has […]

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