Top 7 Reasons to Exhibit at a Virtual Trade Show

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The virtual world is here to stay. While in-person events are slowly starting to come back, event planners and businesses have seen the value and revenue potential that comes with virtual events - making them a hot commodity. Events such as virtual trade shows have proven to provide immense benefits to businesses. One of the main advantages being the ability for businesses to attend a virtual trade show over an in-person one. Oftentimes, costs and travel factors can come in the way of businesses attending events. With virtual events, the possibilities are endless.

With the potential of being able to host and have more attendees at events, you’re going to want to invest in your virtual booth to increase awareness and buzz around your business. Moreover, the connections you can establish and community you can build can be a great benefit for you and your company.

7 Benefits of Exhibiting at a Virtual Trade Show

Navigating the virtual world can be a bit tricky. Especially if you're new to understanding how it works for your business. If you’ve been a bit hesitant in exhibiting virtually, there are many reasons you should consider it. Here are some top benefits of exhibiting at a virtual trade show.

1. Lead generation opportunities

Lead generation is one of the biggest reasons why you need to exhibit at a virtual trade show. You can attract a much wider range of attendees who are interested in your products. That’s why they opt to attend these trade shows in the first place. With features such as webinars, live Q&As, downloadable content and branded booths and platforms, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this opportunity?

Keep in mind - your competitors are going to take this opportunity for themselves. You need to up your virtual booth game and spend some time creating unique booth that showcases your brand in the right way. 

2. Increased ROI and reduced costs

By exhibiting with a virtual booth, not only can you reduce costs by using pre-existing designs but you will also save on manufacturing costs of designing a new booth. Additionally, you will also save on shipping and other costs associated with physically being at events. You can also increase your ROI by gaining new customers and increasing the volume of leads you might get from the virtual event in the first place.

3. National and global reach

Your brand will not only have the opportunity to become well-known nationally but you will have people knowing the name of your brand on a global scale! With virtual events being accessible from all over the world, you will have the opportunity to increase brand exposure to different parts of the world. Imagine the possibility of attracting customers from far and wide. It’s a win-win for you and your brand!

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4. Creative boost at a virtual trade show

Creativity can go a long way when exhibiting virtually. Whether you want to think outside of the box, change your visuals and update content every hour - your virtual booth is yours to explore and customize however you like. Play around with your brand colors and come up with a fun way to showcase your brand to the audience. Remember to have fun with it and let your creative juices flow.

5. Continued learning

With virtual events not going away any time soon, this is your opportunity to learn and understand the online community. This is a space where you can constantly evolve and showcase the latest around your brand. By understanding what you can do better and how you can take advantage of this space, you can push your brand to the next level and really wow your clients and customers in the long run.

6. Research competition and industry leaders

Virtual trade shows can be a great opportunity to research your competition. Get a feel of other brands showcasing and understand what they are doing with their marketing. You can take note of any other promotion tactics they are using and what their customers are enjoying about their booth. This is an advantage for you to make sure you are providing better offerings to your customers. By learning about your competitors you can proactively try to take charge of the market.

7. Analytics and reporting

Gathering analytics is one of the best advantages of exhibiting virtually. By looking at who downloaded your brochures, what part of the booth most attendees were engaged at and what the audience was captivated by will help you get to know your clients and customers better. Making reports and noting the numbers and other feedback will be invaluable to your organization.

Exhibit at a Virtual Trade Show

Markets and businesses are constantly evolving and it's important now more than ever to jump on the best way for your business to expand and thrive. There are so many benefits to exhibiting at a virtual trade show. Not only will your brand benefit from the virtual booth but you can come out with so many more connections and opportunities to expand your business! Virtual trade shows have been a great way to increase the exposure of brands. The virtual element has only allowed for a wider reach and more opportunities for growth and visibility.

Need help designing your first virtual event? To further get inspired with virtual events, here's how you can make money while hosting a virtual event. We even have a guide to hosting successful virtual and hybrid events.

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