Turn Online Training Into Engaging Experiences
V-Unite Virtual Event Experiences

Expand training and development with V-Training Solutions

Create Engagement, Enhance the Educational Experience and Learning Outcomes.

Design your own training journey by setting up virtual spaces that immerse the learner in the educational experience with LIVE webinar sessions to on demand content and assessments.

The V-Unite Difference

Whilst learning management systems can be comprehensive, many online training programs have similar formats that can be tedious and result in minimal learner participation and engagement.  V-Unite enables organizations to set up an unlimited number of training workshops and modules that can integrate with current LMS software or be a standalone interactive experience on V-Unite.

Turning training webinars into engaging experiences

Drive engagement during LIVE virtual training events with polls, surveys, discussion groups and networking areas.  Improve accessibility to online training sessions by having content on-demand all year round.

Feedback Loops Are Key For Personal Development

Polls, surveys, quizzes that learners can engage with to get real time feedback.

Personalize Your Learners Experience

Design your own virtual training platform with images that replicate your training center online or utilize over 100 different themed virtual spaces on V-Unite to create unique  and memorable learning experiences.

Increased Interaction With Peers

Virtual networking areas for learners to "hang out" remotely online

Translation Into The Real World

Creating real-world scenarios using 3D animations for practical training.

Internet Access Consistency

Learners can study anywhere, anytime, regardless of internet status.

Motivation is key

Leaderboards to reward employees for their participation and results.

Make Learning Informative, Fun and Engaging

Providing engaging, entertaining, and personalized content encourages active involvement.

Benefits of the
Virtual Training Suite

Activate effective opportunities to increase customer engagement online​

Interactive training experiences are proven to reach organizational goals and performance outcomes.
​A cost-effective solution to increase frequency and efficiency of facilitating customer and employee training events.
​​​Link your preferred applications and software to ​insightfully maintain positive connections with customers and employees.
Take full advantage of the flexibility of ​hosting events online and innovate your blueprint to engagement success.
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Marketing and Sales Events
Online Training
Expos and Trade Shows
Corporate Communications
Virtual Meetings
Live and Hybrid Events
Thought Leadership Webinars

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