V-Unite Is Named One of the Best Virtual Platforms of 2021

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According to Capterra, the leading online resource for business software buyers, V-Unite is one of the best virtual event platforms of 2021! If you’re ready to host your next virtual event, look no further than V-Unite. We have the perfect software for you to design your own branded corporate events, trade shows and even think tank meetings.

Virtual and hybrid events are slowly becoming the norm as more companies become remote. We have all adapted to the work from home routine, however, that doesn’t mean that meetings and events need to stop! Networking events, trade shows and other conferences are still important to conduct business and give employees and clients a sense of belonging. While we all might be craving an in-person event, budgets, time and travel can usually come in the way for a lot of people when it comes to attending the event. 

The solution? Finding the perfect virtual event software that can make you feel like you are at a live event and keep you engaged and motivated to learn while attending from your home office.

What is V-Unite?

V-Unite is an easy-to-use, cloud-based software application that enables any organization to save time and money conducting high-quality virtual events, conferences or trade shows. V-Unite empowers the user with the ability to set up, schedule and organize virtual events with a hybrid of pre-recorded and live presentations.

The result? A fun and interactive virtual event experience that improves attendee participation and attention. V-Unite also allows the user to store and deliver their content for continued ongoing training objectives and future events.

Why Go Virtual?

Adaptability! Many successful events now incorporate a digital or online element whether it is streaming content or facilitating better attendee engagement with live chat functionality. Companies are looking at virtual to

increase their exposure, reach and revenue by running a series of virtual events throughout the year. As the business climate evolves, it’s important to be proactive and adapt to every situation that can set your business up to thrive in any environment. With the pandemic hitting so many events, conferences and even training and sales meetings, why not overcome this obstacle and set up virtual sessions that can make your employees and clients feel like they are almost at a ‘live’ event! There are tons of benefits of hosting virtual events and your virtual event can even make you revenue when planned and executed correctly.

Whatever physical event you are planning, our team can help you create a virtual environment to match without the obvious physical handshake!


Without the need for venues and audio-visual equipment for the organizer and travel and hotel cost savings for attendees, virtual events are cost-effective for all.


Virtual events by their nature, are time efficient, not only for events’ personnel tasked with delivering the event but also for delegates attending the event who can save on travel time.


It is notable that, in practice, delegates are far happier to ask questions online than at a live event and find meeting other delegates much easier online than walking up to a ‘stranger’ to introduce themselves, thus creating a highly engaging event.


Virtual events can be used alongside a live event, often to create an ‘on-demand’ element where event delegates can revisit the event to gather information, content and resources at a convenient time. Additionally, if a virtual event is created, it can be left ‘on-demand’ to attract those who were unable to attend the original virtual event.

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