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"The site is fantastic. It allows us to showcase and promote our company, our partners and services under one interactive and engaging platform. Easy to navigate and you have full control over your features and how you wish to engage. The team at V-Unite are excellent. They have been extremely responsive."

Kent Jenkins

"V-Unite has provided the best avenue to promote the continued learning our society has been advocating for. It provides the easiest way to impart the learnings and interaction with our sponsors safely in this unprecidented time where face to face meetings are not feasible. Easy to navigate with simple and clear-cut designs."

Maica Vergara, MD

"Using V-Unite for our virtual event was a game changer. It added so much to our annual event, and the attendees loved the unique and fun experience. The V-Unite Team were a great asset to helping us get everything prepped and ready for a successful event. We look forward to a long partnership with V-Unite for our virtual event needs."

Leslie Fletcher, MSN, RN, AGNP-BC

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V-Unite helps you customize the way you digitally communicate with your audience providing invaluable insights that measure the performance across your onboarding, training, marketing and events.

Help you deliver your content in a new, fun and exciting way
Create engagement, experiences and outcomes while reducing operational expenditure.
Collect invaluable data that can give you important marketing insights.
Automate onboarding processes and marketing workflows.
Ability to streamline resources to achieve growth in a more efficient way

​The V-Unite Difference

Create immersive 3D virtual environments for your events, training or marketing experiences that stimulate attendee engagement and meet your organization’s needs and goals.

Create Immersive 3D Experiences

V-Unite has a unique design and editing tool that converts images or 3D designs into interactive virtual spaces to simulate real life experiences.  

Doing The Basics Well

We simplified the setup process so organizers can focus on event deliverables.  We also made it easy for attendees to navigate, learn and network.

Fast Turnaround

V-Unite has the ability to adapt and customize based on customers ever changing needs.

Affordable Subscriptions

You have the flexibility to setup one-time events or create, host and archive an unlimited number of events and experiences within your experience portal.

Customer Centric - 24/7 Support

We recognize how stressful it can be setting up events.  Our primary focus was to create a self-service events management platform that saves you time and money.  However we are dedicated to give your attendees the best experience ever and will guide you and your team every step of the way with technical support during your LIVE events.

Seamless Integration

V-Unite can integrate seamlessly with many software platforms you are currently utilizing in your business.  A One-Platform Solution that automates the flow of data behind the scenes and creates a seamless attendee experience.  

Long-Term Engagement

Businesses are consistently looking for ways to better engage with their employees or customers on an ongoing basis.  V-Unite gives you the flexibility to have your content on demand and archive event layouts to easily duplicate future experiences in minutes.

Accessibility, Scalability and Affordability

80% of our clients that have a global presence will continue to integrate virtual events into their strategy.  As more organizations are expanding and the increase in travel costs and time constraints, businesses are looking for faster, cheaper and more eco-friendly ways of conducting business
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Three Easy Steps

Design your experience that best communicates to your audience
Optimize the engagement of your experience with gamification
Measure the success of your experience

Why Customers Love V-Unite

Customer Acquisition

Customize a marketing experience that speaks to your audience and reflects your brand image and values.
Track customer behavior and target offerings based on their desired interest
Turn analytics into insights to better understand where customers become disengaged in the sales process.

Customer Onboarding

Onboard high volumes of customers quickly and efficiently.
A complete onboarding experience to ensure loyal lifetime buyers.
Automate, track and reward customers for their onboarding success.

Customer Engagement

Turn your webinars into experiences with call to actions banners that create immediate responses.
Integrate gamification (leaderboards, polls and games) to ensure engagement is high.
Analyze when, why and how customers are engaging across your onboarding, training, marketing and events at all times.

Sales Onboarding

Enabling reps to focus on selling by giving them a single hub to learn quickly, engage frequently and accelerate revenue growth.
Trackable data-led insights that give you visibility into what’s improving sales effectiveness, accelerating deals and achieving scale successfully.
Digitizing, enhancing and automating the learning process for reps can significantly speed up the onboarding process and sales cycle.

All In One Platform

Create separate spaces within your experience for different audiences to measure their success
Achieve a single seamless experience by integrating with Zapier or custom APIs from your current software solutions.
Reduce Business Risk by having all of your resources accessible in one place, at the right time.

Gauge Event Success

​Achieve your goals and track your results with detailed reporting and insights to accurately measure attendance engagement.

​Optimized for Mobile

​Create inspired virtual events with a platform that incorporates responsive designs which adapt to easy mobile use and navigation.

​​Dedicated Customer Support​

​​Live, 24/7 customer support to assist with event management and provide technical support.

Host ​high-quality virtual events, conferences or trade shows.

​No matter the size of business or the type of organisation, V-Unite provides a complete virtual interface for engagement and collaboration.

​Online event solutions right where you need them.

​Bring your event vision to life and produce cost effective, compelling
online events with V-Unite's cloud-based software application .

Create events for all your needs.

Take full advantage of the flexibility of ​hosting events online and innovate your blueprint to engagement success.
Virtual Product Launch
Marketing and Sales Events
Online Training
Expos and Trade Shows
Corporate Communications
Virtual Meetings
Live and Hybrid Events
Thought Leadership Webinars

Customers who have enhanced their digital engagement with
V-Unite virtual event experiences

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Why customers create the virtual difference with V-Unite

Virtual Experience
V-Unite offers my clients the most up-to-date website interface with product demos, handouts and presentations. My on-line presence helped to build instant relationships of trust, confidence and understanding. Our V-Unite virtual site looked just like our actual business. It's been a gamechanger for introducing education on new, innovative and complex procedures and processes. When asked why they picked us, they'd tell me they googled the service AND our website interface helped them make the decision to book their first appointment. This led to 90% closings at the 1st or 2nd appointment. Virtual Tour by V-Unite is undoubtedly the best tool to compete with established companies, especially for high dollar services, like our clients invest US$ 5,000-$20,000 for their treatment, plus annual residual treatments thereafter. Key to growth is to promote this platform on Google, social media and in the office. V-Unite offers fabulous on-line video training and support; it's an easy platform to learn and build yourself. Bottom line: they're a wonderful team to work with!
Kristi Grogan
Remedi Hair Solutions
Virtual Training
Working with Rachel and Nikka at V-Unite has been an absolute pleasure. They made the process easy and brought so much creativity to the table. The direction and support they provided was exceptional and best in class. I would recommend V-Unite to businesses small or large for all of their online learning needs. Thank you.
Stephanie & Sarah
Virtual Event
Best value with a great support team, an ongoing system that can grow with my and my clients needs, self serve along with many templates along with the option to create an event from scratch!! My clients and potential clients also love how the platform can enhance customer engagement and ROI by making the sales cycle shorter with a call to action at the end of each event! This makes products and services more valuable and allows my company to grow with other organizations as an ongoing virtual-hybrid ecosystem becoming a solutions oriented valuable partner!
Shane J.
Virtual HQ
The site is fantastic. It allows us to showcase and promote our company, our partners and services under one interactive and engaging platform. Easy to navigate and you have full control over your features and how you wish to engage. The team at V-Unite are excellent. They have been extremely responsive and quick to upload any features or changes requested. Most importantly they understand business to business and business to consumer markets on a global scale. I would highly recommend V-Unite.
Kent Jenkins
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