Tourism and Hospitality
V-Unite Virtual Event Experiences

Bring your destination to the world with V-Unite virtual events

Design and develop captivating and distinct virtual experiences for your tourism brand and customer journey.

Inspire your customers with innovative destination connections

Add finesse to your tourism brand story with tailor-made interactive experiences online, right at your customer's fingertips.

Virtual Destination Adventures

Upload videos, images, catalogues, and brochures so customers can make more informed decisions about activities and places of interest to visit.

Presentation Hubs

Engage with travel agents and customers by hosting live, hybrid or pre-recorded presentations and workshops throughout the year. Educate, engage and convert your customers by including images, videos, surveys, and polls.

Virtual Concierge

Allow customers to schedule appointments and interact online with the concierge and personal assistants. Connect an interactive chat box to answer customer enquiries in real-time.

Benefits of Virtual Tourism & Hospitality

Leverage customized virtual engagement

Design virtual rooms that showcase your facilities, services and merchandise that customers can interact with.
Enable customers to check in and out within your virtual experience platform. Connect your booking system software with V-Unite for a seamless experience at the reception.
Connect your e-commerce and online stores for purchases.

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