Client Success Stories

Whether it's setting up a virtual clinic, creating a virtual conference or trade show, we have the solution for hosting your next big event.
Virtual Experience
V-Unite offers my clients the most up-to-date website interface with product demos, handouts and presentations. My on-line presence helped to build instant relationships of trust, confidence and understanding. Our V-Unite virtual site looked just like our actual business. It's been a gamechanger for introducing education on new, innovative and complex procedures and processes. When asked why they picked us, they'd tell me they googled the service AND our website interface helped them make the decision to book their first appointment. This led to 90% closings at the 1st or 2nd appointment. Virtual Tour by V-Unite is undoubtedly the best tool to compete with established companies, especially for high dollar services, like our clients invest US$ 5,000-$20,000 for their treatment, plus annual residual treatments thereafter. Key to growth is to promote this platform on Google, social media and in the office. V-Unite offers fabulous on-line video training and support; it's an easy platform to learn and build yourself. Bottom line: they're a wonderful team to work with!
Kristi Grogan
Remedi Hair Solutions
Virtual Training
Working with Rachel and Nikka at V-Unite has been an absolute pleasure. They made the process easy and brought so much creativity to the table. The direction and support they provided was exceptional and best in class. I would recommend V-Unite to businesses small or large for all of their online learning needs. Thank you.
Stephanie & Sarah
Virtual Event
Best value with a great support team, an ongoing system that can grow with my and my clients needs, self serve along with many templates along with the option to create an event from scratch!! My clients and potential clients also love how the platform can enhance customer engagement and ROI by making the sales cycle shorter with a call to action at the end of each event! This makes products and services more valuable and allows my company to grow with other organizations as an ongoing virtual-hybrid ecosystem becoming a solutions oriented valuable partner!
Shane J.
Virtual HQ
The site is fantastic. It allows us to showcase and promote our company, our partners and services under one interactive and engaging platform. Easy to navigate and you have full control over your features and how you wish to engage. The team at V-Unite are excellent. They have been extremely responsive and quick to upload any features or changes requested. Most importantly they understand business to business and business to consumer markets on a global scale. I would highly recommend V-Unite.
Kent Jenkins
Virtual Event
We really enjoyed how you could do everything within the V-Unite portal. It was very cost effective. It was the only software we saw that gave a delegate a real experience of feeling like attending an actual physical event. They are very accommodating and always developing new features to improve the overall experience.
Emma H.
Virtual Event
Using V-Unite for our virtual event was a game changer. It added so much to our annual event, and the attendees loved the unique and fun experience. Rachel Houlbrook was a great asset to helping us get everything prepped and ready for a successful event. We look forward to a long partnership with V-Unite for our virtual event needs in the future.
Leslie Fletcher, MSN, RN, AGNP-BC
Virtual Event
Overall the presentation gave a comprehensive overview of what V-Unite had to offer. I felt the platform would be appropriate for both large and small groups who would have traditionally met in person but now needed to meet in a virtual world.
David W.
Virtual Event
The platform was easy to use for both staff and patients. Patients enjoyed having something that varied from the typical webinar-based open house! We saw an increase in retail sales and had an abundance of positive patient feedback.
Sue Ellen Cox, MD
Aesthetic Solutions
Virtual Event
What we were able to achieve was an event packed with content and presentations, that meant our delegates could interact in live time with key speakers and experts, via the chat function. Our exhibitors, without whom we would not have been able to run the event, were able to directly message and meet with delegates on their stands, and we were able to run the event in 3 different time zones so that our delegates were able to join at a time that best suited them. The event was a total success, and although I do not think anything will ever replace the impact of meeting in person at a live event, we believe that we will move to a hybrid model, as it provides a platform that is accessible to all.
Nina McMurray
2nd World Congress on Confocal Microscopy
Virtual Event
In an uncertain world that was only just out of, we took a risk to create a hybrid international meeting. Having V-Unite as part of the meeting meant that we could fall back on the Interactive virtual platform to run the event, with a live stream of key opinion leaders filmed and streamed through the platform. We loved the interactive nature of the event, and the ability to have an exhibition, in which our companies could interact with delegates throughout the day . We had over 200 delegates from all over the world, and our speakers came from Australia, Isreal, canada, ireland, UK and across europe. It was a truely international event. A couple of technical issues that were quickly resolved. It was overall a total success.
Beatriz M.
Virtual Event
Papshpi has been with V-Unite for almost two years now. The experience and journey was quite challenging and eye opening. This journey in this trying times has made our society stronger and accessible to our members. Though the committee really needs to work hard in putting up the platform it is also rewarding to see our finish products. I am quite satisfied with partnering with V-Unite. Even with a technologically challenged person like me I can navigate and build my platform easily. I love the exhibitors booth and chat box which enables my industry partners to communicate with my members easily.
Maica V
Philippine Association of Primary Skin Health Physicians, Inc.
Virtual Event
Love working with V-Unite! The platform is easy to use, data tracking is great and is great for sponsors and ROIs.
Nadine J.
Virtual HQ
"V-Unite is a global game-changer. The essence of the platform can be tailored to my specific need for both my company AND those whom I'm partnering with 2021 will see a dramatic lift in usage and applications."
Paul Roati
Cosmetic Skin Therapies
Virtual HQ
"We love the 3D venue environment experience that V-Unite adds to our virtual meetings. It ensures the guests are engaged in the events overall. Very easy to use and we love the virtual room expo templates. It's also easy for V-Unite to create bespoke templates when we need them and we love that we can integrate ZOOM seamlessly into the virtual room. Our guests feel like they are still getting the experience of attending a real event venue whilst working remotely."
Lyn Snudden
Inventive Events
Virtual HQ
"V-Unite is very easy to use and navigate. We hols small 50 person business workshops and the monthly subscription service makes it very affordable. You can do everything within the V-Unite portal. It was the only software we saw that gave a delegate the feeling like attending an actual physical event. They are very accomodating and always developing new features to improve the overall experience."
Emma Houghton
The Medical Business Academy
Virtual HQ
"V-Unite is an excellent engagement tool. You can customize and brand the program and the platform is easy to set up and implement."
Alisha Merlo
Virtual HQ
"The ease of integration into our business and team was fantastic. The product as a whole is seriously brilliant and significatly portrays a higher level of professionalism to our business that we haven't had before."
Jason Pilgrim
Profitable Practice
Virtual HQ
"We signed up for the subscription package that enables us tohost as many meetings and events during the year. Besides integrating ZOOM to the virtual rooms, we have a very cool elevator transition that takes our attendees to board meetings and Think Tank events. All of our employees and clients love the platform as it's easy to navigate and looks great on a mobile device."
Rhane Yasis
Event Software Solutions
Virtual HQ
"V-Unite is a great platform! User friendly, engaging, and fun. We can monetize with it!"
Dori Soukup
InSPAration Management
Virtual Event
" It's and easy to use digital platform and so unique in style. As if you're really there interacting with colleagues in real-time. It's been an amazing experience using the V-Unite software especially in this time of uncertainty."
Grace Lopez, MD
Virtual Event
"A software that is worth trying. V-Unite is easy to navigate and has very nice graphics. They also have a very god support team."
Arlyn Paglinawan-Lu, MD
Virtual Event
"Using the V-Unite platform for a virtual event really gives you the experience of attending the convention."
Angela Gomez, MD
Virtual Event
"V-Unite has provided the best avenue to promote the continued learning our society has been advocating for. It provides the easiest way to impart the learnings and interaction with our sponsors safely in this unprecidented time where face to face meetings are not feasible. Easy to navigate with simple and clear-cut designs."
Maica Vergara, MD
Virtual Event
"The V-Unite platform made out attendees feel like they were at the annual meeting. It is extremely east to navigate and intuative. Access to content for 30 days post live meeting was a great value offering."
Katherine Duerdoth
Virtual Event
"The V-Unite team are fantastic to work with form the project managers to the technical support, and are always happy to share their experience and insight. The software from it's innovative animations and templates, clean layout and ease of navigation and functionality made our virtual event a true experience for our attendees."
Rachel Houlbrook
Virtual Clinic
"Love the look and feel. Makes a standard website feel real. Patient journey is so much more believable. Love that it's a tour through a clinic demonstrating all the different rooms, staff, services."
Dr. Nicole Kanaris
Med Aesthetique
Virtual Clinic
"Ease of set up and use. The team was able to quickly adapt to the platform. Overall and excellent experience. Look forward to using more of the features."
Ashish Bhatia, MD
Oak Dermatology
Bring your event into a world full of virtual possibilities.
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