Sales Onboarding

Challenges Preventing Your Sales Growth

Speed of Onboarding
to Sales Success

New reps are taking too long to onboard and achieve their sales targets, whilst experienced reps spend too much time searching the right information for the right clients.

High Client

Reps are looking for accessible tools and knowledge to sell confidently to their customers and build trust instead of being overwhelmed with too many resources.

Scaling for

Sales leaders struggle to replicate success with their teams, when they do not get a holistic view of what’s working. The inability to upskill their sales force quickly, efficiently and economically across geographical regions.

The Facts

  • The hours managers spend training their employees costs companies an average of $1,252 per hire, while onboarding paperwork is said to swallow up 10 hours of HR time.
  • 33% of new hires look for a new job within their first six months on the job, and that figure is higher among millennials.
  • 69% of employees are more likely to stay with the company for at least three years if they have had a positive onboarding experience


Give reps a lasting ‘first impression’ during their onboarding process by personalizing and staging their learning and development over 12 months.  Microlearning results in high rep engagement, satisfaction and retention. Customize and deliver immersive experiences for reps who represent your corporate values and brand by creating a digital representation of your headquarters and facilities.

Enable Reps with the skills, content and context to win deals daily

Provide guidance and targeted training content that reps can access in their moment of need.
Teach and Train reps faster with replicable, trackable onboarding.
Keep reps up to date on new products, news and market changes.

Engage teams with training, coaching and content all in ONE platform

Reduce the business risk by standardizing messaging around your products and having the right information at the right time in one location.
Book appointments and conduct 1-1 live coaching sessions between reps and sales leaders who can monitor performance at every stage of the sales journey.
Use gamification elements (leaderboard, scavenger hunts, best practice sharing) to motivate healthy competition amongst peers.

Improve revenue growth
by doing more of
what works

Optimize your strategy with data-driven insights around what’s working
Replicate best practices and selling techniques across the sales team.
Enhance reporting to business and HR partners on participant activities in the platform
Take full advantage of the flexibility of ​hosting events online and innovate your blueprint to engagement success.
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