V-Unite Virtual Event Experiences

V-Unite virtually connects you with your audience

V-Unite empowers the user with the ability to set up, schedule and organize their own virtual experiences.

Our approach from the ground up has been ‘self-service’. We have innovated a new modular system where users can create various rooms based on pre-designed template choices or their own photography, to fully build their experience online and see the preview instantly.

This white labelled platform enables organizations to integrate and build a digital strategy that complements and supports their operations and marketing in the physical world. V-Unite integrates with over 2000 other software applications to create a seamless experience for users and employees.

For corporate events or conferences, clients can make use of our hybrid event templates to incorporate our pre-recorded and live presentation options.

V-Unite Senior Management Team

“our software allows the user to setup and save a series of event templates to make it easier to recreate their annual events in no time.”

Our Virtual Suite Application

V-Unite gives clients the opportunity to create ongoing experiences for training purposes or setting up virtual marketplaces, showrooms, and virtual offices. Our range of virtual suites are designed to be effective sales and marketing tools, while providing streamlined virtual event solutions for our clients’ needs.

The user may even add animations to add life to rooms which can be applied dynamically without requiring a design team to have to build them.

Going further, our software allows the user to setup and save a series of event templates to make it easier to recreate their annual events in no time.

Our UI designers and developers are working hard and thinking outside the box to take concepts and ideas from a real event and adapting them to ensure they are dynamic and work with the self-service model.

We aim to get as close to the real immersive feel of attending a live event as possible with current technology, whilst ensuring all users can benefit regardless of their location or device.

Host ​high-quality virtual events, conferences or trade shows.

​No matter the size of business or the type of organisation, V-Unite provides a complete virtual interface for engagement and collaboration.
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