Virtual Trade Shows
and Conferences
V-Unite Virtual Event Experiences

Reach your audience on a global scale

Initiate your brand and product conversation online and broaden your access to your preferred audience.

Develop immersive avenues to engage your customers online

Make it easy for your customers by becoming accessible

Cyber Marketplace

Generate leads and access revenue opportunities via virtual exhibition booths designed to create immersive promotional and marketing experiences. Interact with attendees in real-time. Integrate e-commerce applications to facilitate easy customer purchases.

Presentation Hubs

Create premium sponsored rooms that are fully customized to reflect each sponsors' brand. Host virtual product seminars and related events featuring live, hybrid or pre-recorded marketing and promotional content. Create added value for attendees with downloadable information.

Virtual Networking Rooms

Optimize the reach of online conferences and expos with global networking. Innovate meaningful connections with industry peers and clients via text and designated chat rooms with integrated features for video and audio chat.

Benefits of Virtual Trade Shows and Conferences

Enhanced opportunities for attaining engagement and converting leads

Provide owners of featured product booths with downloadable reports containing key insights concerning sales leads.
Amplify attendee interaction with premium event rewards and gamification experiences via avatars, polls and quizzes.
Connect your preferred applications and software to easily maintain customer relationship management and extend event engagement and visibility.

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