Client: New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society
Category: 2nd NZOHS Work-Related Health Conference
Date: 1st September 2021

The New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society is a network of occupational hygiene professionals who further the practice, professionalism, and recognition of the industry in New Zealand. Our Membership is made up of Professional Occupational Hygienists either working for large companies, private consultants, or for WorkSafe NZ.


A 1-day virtual conference attended by employees with a vineyard theme. The 2nd work-related health conference put together by New Zealand Occupational Society was originally planned to be an in-person conference, however, due to lockdown restrictions in New Zealand plans were required to change 2 weeks before the scheduled date. The decision was made to push through with the conference virtually to avoid delaying the conference further. 

  • 1 Day Event
  • Panel of Speakers
  • Auditorium with 10 presentations utilizing a mix of pre-recorded and live Q&A
  • 2 Branded Breakout rooms 
  • Networking Lounge 
  • Information Centre
  • 87 attendees

The society's vision was to provide an interactive virtual environment where presenters, attendees, and the organizing committee could seamlessly communicate and showcase the latest news, updates, and company goals within the organization. A day of interesting and thought-provoking sessions from experts across the field of occupational hygiene.

The primary solutions and goals were for the speakers to present with ease, and clarity, with minimal difficulty and incorporate an interactive interface to enable networking.



The 2021 NZ Occupational Hygiene Society Conference, Change is in the Air, was a success with great attendance. Scheduled for the beginning of September, when New Zealand went into level 4 lockdown, it switched to a virtual conference. This was a new experience for everyone that was well received and made the day interactive. We had increased overseas attendance due to the conference being available virtually.

Client Feedback
The change of interaction worked well with the speakers and the opportunity of a pre-recorded presentations. Despite the short notice, NZOHS was happy they were able to create a room to showcase their rebranding plans and to advertise their sponsors by having pop up documents, videos or websites embedded in the platform. It was great for V-unite to provide an alternative approach for the event sponsors to be recognized through the sponsors’ showroom. Overall, great feedback across the board. Attendees were impressed and surprised with how the conference worked out and it has changed the team’s perspective upon seeing the capabilities of having online events, where they will now consider virtual or hybrid events as an option moving forward especially with the ongoing uncertainty of face-to-face events. There is also a great opportunity to have a marketplace for potential sponsors as added value whether it be a virtual or a hybrid event. The organizers appreciated the V-Unite team being attentive and reactive to their needs.
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