Client: The Global Virtual Aesthetic Summit (GVAS)
Category: Virtual Event
Date: November 2020

The Global Virtual Aesthetic Summit (GVAS) was the very first virtual event in the medical aesthetics sector that launched in 2019 and has now had three successful events in 2020 and 2021.


To deliver one of the largest virtual conferences within the aesthetic sector globally in different time zones and languages. To give attendees a unique and memorable experience in attending a virtual event.


We were able to have our conference program in an auditorium with multiple tracks (breakout rooms) across our two-day event.

We also had an international program with three local agendas in different languages. V-Unite was also able to overcome the challenge for the firewalls in China for the audience to be able to watch content and engage.

An exhibition hall that was extremely interactive where sales representatives were able to have live text, audio and video chat with attendees.

Gamification using the platforms leaderboard. We were able to allocate points for attendees if they conducted certain activities during the event.

We couldn’t believe how competitive attendees were!


Here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • We reached 4,500 attendees. A record year for us in terms of attendees.
  • Being able to launch the event in China and enable locals to watch the content streaming on local servers.
  • Companies generated 25% more leads and sales from 2019.
Client Feedback
"The best Conference of the Year for two years running now! The most effective conference in concisely delivering new techniques and procedures from all over the world once again!"

Anna Petropoulos, MD, FRCS
Facial Plastic Surgeon, Center for Classic Beauty

"GVAS is one of the most progressive distance learning programs out there. They do an excellent job at recruiting aesthetic talent from all over the world. It brings so many different, world wide prospectives to the table. One of my highlights of the year!"

Leslie Catherine Fletcher, NP-BC
Founder and CEO, The InjectAbility® Institute

"Fantastic virtual conference, would recommend to all levels of practitioners!"

Dr. Manav Bawa
Award Winning Cosmetic Dr/trainer, co-owner of Time Clinic

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